Eazitron Actlas+

Complex project management made simple

Get Actlas+ and get access to the following features:

Create projects

Create projects, add managers and provide a description when needed.

Assign tasks

Create tasks, add dates and fill in the framework, priority and status.

Organise events

Create events, add a date and provide some explanations.

Relate resources

Add human or other resources to the project.

Track relevant documents

Store milestone deliverables and distribute progress reports.

Assess the projects' progress

Check if the project is well advanced with the "Project On Time" indicator.

Add up to 100 users

Allow up to 100 users/computers to use simultaneously the software.

Sync data

Automatically sync your data with other users.

Import & export

Depending on the software/format, import and export your data.


Hassle-free and easy-to-use. Self-explanatory user interface.


Only 599€. One-time payment, no hidden costs.


Your data are not stored in the cloud, but on your own local servers.

Eazitron does not fit your needs? Get your money back, no questions asked.

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