Tracking projects assets made easy

Actlas+ brings you several steps further than Actlas. Actlas+ allows you to create projects, to associate deliverables, project officers/managers and consultants points of contacts and therefore keep a track of resources and documents that are in relation with a project.

Create multiple complex projects simply by:

  • Establishing tasks

  • Organising events

  • Linking resources,

  • Storing milestone deliverables and distributing progress reports

Multi-user mode (up to 100 computers)

Allow up to 100 users/computers to use simultaneously the software requires to install the solutions on your networked machines.

Content syncing

Automatically sync your data with other users and smoothly collaborate on your projects (same process as for multi-user mode).

Data export & import

Export your data in various formats and import your information into our solutions (depends on the solution/software and on the imported data format).

You can also acquire the whole Eazitron Suite and fulfil the needs of all your business areas & save 200€ in passing! This is a one-time payment. Own the solution and your data forever.

One solution

from 179€

1 solution from the suite

Windows & Mac compatible

Support included


The essentials, bundled together


The Eazitron suite, without Actlas+

Windows & Mac compatible

Support included

Save around 200€

The whole suite


The Eazitron suite, Actlas+ included

Windows & Mac compatible

Support included

Save around 200€

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Check out the full FAQ here.

Can I collaborate with other users simultaneously on one solution?

Yes, the maximum number of simultaneous users is 100.

Can I request some changes to one of the solutions?

Yes, of course! Please contact us to send us your request (we will only be able to make minor changes). We will ask for a small fee of 99€ for every edit performed.

Why don't you offer subscriptions?

Unlike many other SaaS companies we decided not to charge a monthly/yearly fee for our products. Why? Because we are convinced that we all usually prefer spending one time for a product rather than "forever"!

Another advantage for you - and since we do not host our solutions in the cloud - is that you have a direct, on-premises access to your data, rather than relying on us!

Which operating systems do Eazitron solutions work with?

Eazitron runtime solutions (the solutions you will install on your computer) are currently only available for Windows PCs. However, you can also use Eazitron solutions on Mac computers by running them with the Claris Filemaker ® app. Indeed, our native programs allow cross-platform users to run our solutions on another operating system. Please refer to our READMEs documents for more information.

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